Prince Charles to retrace footsteps of Queen Victoria in Killarney

The Prince of Wales, Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, are retracing the footsteps of his great great great grandmother, Queen Victoria today.



Her visit to Killarney in August 1861 put the town on the map; it’s now Ireland’s premier tourist destination.

It’s hoped this visit will cement Killarney and Kerry’s reputation as a tourist mecca.

Prince Charles and Camilla are this afternoon visiting Muckross House, where Queen Victoria, along with her husband Prince Albert, and three of her nine children, Alfred, Alice and Helena, once stayed.

They came in August 1861; although the Queen had visited Ireland on two previous occasions, that was the first time Kerry was included in her itinerary.The Royal party stayed the first night in Killarney House, home of the Earl of Kenmare – that was the original Killarney House.

The Queen’s great great great grandson Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will today visit the new Killarney House, where a garden party will be held in their honour.

There, they’ll be bestowed with the Order of Inisfallen, which recognises outstanding contributions to the local economy by people from outside Kerry.

The honour was named after the Annals of Inisfallen, which were scripted by monks over hundreds of years on Inisfallen, the largest island on Lough Leane, which is the largest of the lakes of Killarney.

The Killarney leg is the final part of Charles and Camilla’s historic visit to Kerry today.

Listry’s George Kelly, Chairman of Kerry Social Farming, is one of those invited to attend the Garden Party at Killarney House, at which Prince Charles and Camila will both be present.
He’s delighted to be given the opportunity.
Grace McRae, UK native and former President of the Kerry Parkinson’s Association, is thrilled that the visit is taking place.