Preliminary enquiries into allegations of interference with Kerry’s Supplementary Register of voters

Gardaí are making preliminary enquiries into allegations of interference with the Supplementary Register of voters in Kerry.

An Garda Síochána have confirmed the news to Radio Kerry; it comes ahead of voting in the local and European elections, and divorce referendum tomorrow week.

In a statement to Radio Kerry News, gardaí have confirmed they met with a person who contacted them to raise the concerns a number of days ago.

It’s understood the allegations relate to the Killarney Electoral Area.

The allegations centre on the charge that a person gathered up forms for applications to the supplementary register of electors, got them signed by members of the public, and then may have had an individual Garda stamp them without being in the presence of the people the forms relate to.

In a statement to Radio Kerry News, Kerry County Council, which is in charge with compiling and maintaining the register, have confirmed that An Garda Síochána made contact with the council to assist them with their enquiry.

The register, which is comprised of the names of people who were not registered to vote in time for the main register of elections, is due to be released to candidates contesting the election on Monday.

The deadline for submitting RFA2 forms, needed to get on the supplementary register, was May 7th.

The forms state that a person must go to a garda station and have the form witnessed and stamped by a member of An Garda Síochána.

There are a number of offences listed in relation to the register of electors under the Electoral Act 1992, which carry fines and or prison sentences.