Pre-planning consultation for South Kerry Greenway closed

A pre-planning application consultation on the proposed South Kerry Greenway Project has been closed.

Kerry County Council, which is seeking to develop the 32-kilometre route from Renard Point to Glenbeigh, requested pre-application consultations with An Bord Pleanala under the Roads Act.

A report from the board says the council is keen to lodge the planning application as soon as possible arising from funding requirements.

A pre-application consultation meeting was held between Kerry County Council and An Bord Pleanala on June 26th following which a report was compiled.

The proposed pedestrian and cycleway route comprising a three-metre wide paved surface will be predominantly off-road with 54% using a former railway corridor.

It says any scheme coming before the Board will be accompanied by a Compulsory Purchase Order for the necessary lands as agreement with all landowners has not proven possible despite considerable engagement.

172 landowners are to be affected by the CPO the majority of which, the report says, are not opposed to CPO.

The report says the extent of land acquisition needs to be clear as the board cannot expand the area of the CPO once the application is made.

The report notes the majority of objections to the scheme relate to the use of CPO powers, which the council considers necessary for the success of the scheme.

Residential Impact Assessment Reports were carried out for 40 locations where the impact on houses required further assessment.

A number of requests for deviations of the proposed route were received from residents and farmers, not all of which were acceded to.

Environmental concerns were among the items discussed at the meeting between the board and the council; an unoccupied cottage at Mountain Stage earmarked for demolition is to be retained due to a colony of Lesser Horseshoe bats.

The Kerry slug has also been identified at Mountain Stage and a derogation licence to disturb the species has been obtained.