Some post offices in Kerry may require a subsidy to remain in business

Some post offices in Kerry may require a subsidy to remain in business.

That’s according to Independent Councillor Dan McCarthy, who spoke at the South and West Kerry Municipal District meeting on the issue of recent post office closures.

He asked members to support a proposal to write to the Minister for Communications, Denis Naughton, looking for a commitment on post offices in the county.

Councillor Dan McCarthy says rural populations are declining and the age profile of customers is getting older.

He believes some post offices in the county will not survive without a subsidy and, despite all the talking, they will close unless something is done.

Fellow MD councillors supported Councillor McCarthy’s message; Councillor Johnny Healy-Rae says it might be suitable to merge post offices into existing shops in rural areas, while Fianna Fáil’s Michael Cahill says post offices need local support more than ever.

Fine Gael Councillor Patrick Connor-Scarteen adds while it’s encouraging to see An Post entering the mortgage market, post offices need support from younger customers to ensure their long-term viability.