Positive results expected from Kerry programme to tackle Japanese Knotweed

It’s expected a programme to tackle Japanese Knotweed along national roads in Kerry will yield positive results.

Kerry County Council also believes an information campaign about the invasive species along non-national roads has resulted in curbing it spreading further.

Kerry County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland embarked on a four-year programme to treat Japanese Knotweed along main or national roads; they are now three years into it.

The council says while it won’t know the full extent of progress until the end of year four, early indications are that the programme will yield positive results.

The council is liaising with landowners, tidy towns committees, and community groups in relation to Japanese Knotweed along all other routes, non-national roads.

The local authority initiated an information campaign, issuing information leaflets on the invasive species and erecting signs where the weed is growing.

They say while it’s difficult to quantify whether there’s been an overall improvement in the control of Japanese Knotweed, it’s reasonable to conclude it hasn’t gotten any worse.

The council was responding to a question from Cllr Robert Beasley, who asked what progress the council has made in tackling the invasive species.

HEADLINE: Positive results expected from Kerry programme to tackle Japanese Knotweed
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