Population of Ireland expected to grow to 4.15 million

The two Dail constituencies in the county may be seriously over-represented if the Government waits until 2007 to call the next General Election. Radical changes to the boundaries may be required should next April’s census indicate the expected rise in population since the last survey in 2002. When next year’s census is carried out and formulated, the population of Ireland is expected to have increased to 4.15 million.A number of constituency changes were announced in 2004 but they are only likely to come into effect if the general election takes place before May or June of 2007. If Bertie Ahern decides to wait until the full term is up, it’s thought radical boundary changes will need to be made to cater for the rise. At present the Kerry North and South constituencies each have three TDs, but in the event of a rise in population, both constituencies will have a TD-population ratio more than 8% outside the national average. Some analysts are suggesting that Kerry might become a five-seater constituency.