Poor survival rates for cancer patients in Southern Health Bord region

The Southern Health Bord region has one of the poorest survival rates for cancer nationally. According to a report from the National Cancer Registry there are significant differences between health bord areas in the treatments given for some cancers and in survival rates. The report focuses on the period 1994 and 1998. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer in the Southern Health Bord Region have a one third poorer survival rate than patients elsewhere. This is despite the fact that the incidence of breast cancer is below the Irish average in this health bord region.Kerry and Cork also have significantly higher rates of colorectal cancer nationally. The incidence is also well above the European average. This particular cancer is much more predominant in females than males. The region bucks the trend for stomach cancers with the rates for males significantly below the national average. The report finds that this is in line with international standards which show mortality from stomach cancers are declining. Figures for melanoma`s show the incidence in the Southern Health Bord region is far higher in females than in males. The region is also higher than the national average. Overall the report shows that there`s strong evidence that cancer treatment and survival can depend on where you live. The highest survival rates are in the eastern region and some of the poorest in the Kerry and Cork.