Polish man charged with possession of €39,000 of drugs in Tralee doesn’t know how substances got into his shed

A Polish man charged with possession of €39,000 worth of drugs in Tralee says he doesn’t know how the substances got into his shed.

Maciej Masznicz [Mashy Mash-ee-niche] of Red House, Knocknaclogher, Ballyroe, Tralee, has pleaded not guilty to four charges of possession of cannabis and methylamphetamine and one charge of the unlicensed possession of a firearm on 18th February, 2015.

Prior to his client taking to the stand, SC for the defence Anthony Sammon told the jury that, had they any xenophobic tendencies, it was their duty to overcome them when deciding on the case.

The accused told the court that, while he had cannabis for personal use in his home, he did not own quantities which were found in the sheds, nor did he know how they got there.

He said the shed door had a padlock, however, it wasn’t securing the property.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Tom Rice put it to Mr Masznicz that a text message received two weeks before the alleged drugs find shows that the accused was to receive money for supplying cannabis to a friend.

The accused denied this, instead saying the promise of money following the request of cannabis was a separate matter, which related to a financial loan given to friends.

Mr Rice queried, if this were the case, why was there no punctuation in the message clearly separating the request for cannabis and the promise of money.

Mr Masznicz claimed he clearly understood the meaning, despite the lack of punctuation, that the promise of money was unrelated to the provision of cannabis.

The trial continues in Tralee Circuit Court under Judge Tom O’Donnell.