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Bird’s Eye View

very Thursday at around 10:30am Frank King talks with Jerry O’Sullivan about all things ornithological!The long running feature is now available here on its very own podcast!

Bird’s Eye View – September 19th, 2019

Frank King answers your questions about birds and wildlife, including a query regarding the yellowhammer – fear not, it’s not about Brexit!

Bird’s Eye View – May 30th, 2019

Frank King joins Jerry to answer your questions on birdlife and to share his knowledge in his ever witty, informed and sparkling manner.

Bird’s Eye View – April 9th, 2019

Frank King joins Jerry in studio to answer your questions about birds and wildlife in general.

Bird’s Eye View – January 29th, 2019

Frank King joins Jerry to answer your questions about birds and wildlife. He also defends the honour of crows from Jerry!

Bird’s Eye View – December 18th, 2018

Frank King joined Jerry for this month’s edition with his usual mix of erudition, wit and good humour! Any images mentioned can be seen...

Bird’s Eye View – November 20th, 2018

Frank King was in studio this morning to answer your queries about birds and wildlife. Swans and crows featured among the questions.

Bird’s Eye View – August 21st, 2018

Frank King was making his monthly visit to Radio Kerry today to answer all your questions about birds and wildlife. He’s particularly delighted with...

Bird’s Eye View – July 24th, 2018

Every month, Frank King joins Jerry for Bird’s Eye View and answers your questions about birds and wildlife.http://media.radiokerry.ie/upload/radiokerry/audio/24_birds.mp3

Bird’s Eye View – June 19th, 2018

Frank joins Jerry to answer all your avian questions including the many photos you have sent into him.http://media.radiokerry.ie/upload/radiokerry/audio/birds2.mp3

A Bird’s Eye View – May 22nd, 2018

Frank King is back with Jerry in studio for another edition of the popular 'Bird’s Eye View' series where Frank shares his vast knowledge on all...

Seventeen more people die from coronavirus

A further 17 people with COVID-19 have died in this country.It brings the total number of deaths nationally to 1,631.It was also announced this...

77% Jump In Numbers On Inpatient and Day Case Waiting Lists At UHK

There’s been a 77% jump in the number of people on in-patient or day-case waiting lists at University Hospital Kerry.That’s according to figures from...

Unique chance to see SpaceX rocket in Kerry skies tonight

Kerry people have a unique opportunity to see history being made tonight as the SpaceX rocket will be visible in the night sky.Billionaire Elon...

KDYS Youth Slot – May 27th, 2020

Managing the sometimes difficult transition from primary to secondary school. Deirdre spoke to youth worker Gareth Harteveld, as well as Margaret Finch from Beale...

Medical Matters – May 27th, 2020

Medical Matters with Dr.Eamonn Shanahan

Episode 9: Bronze Age Spear Head

Curator of Kerry County Museum, Helen O’Carroll tells the story of the spearhead