Plans underway to cover part of Killarney street with canvas

Killarney Town CouncilPlans are underway to provide canvas coverings on a Killarney street. The town council is planning to erect five funnel shaped coverings at the pedestrianised area of Main Street. It is part of a series of town improvements planned by Killarney Town Council, which will also involve widening footpaths at several locations. Councillor Michael Gleeson told the monthly meeting of Killarney Town Council that he had seen the street coverings on a trip to Frankfurt; he said they will enhance Main Street and be a considerable attraction for people who wish to sit and relax. He stated that it was vital that all would be completed prior to the abolition of the town council. The canvas coverings are a tulip structure, 5 metres wide, 2 metres high, will channel rainwater and can also be lit up. The structures can withstand winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour. Town Clerk Michael O’Leary said the coverings will be a feature for the town and there may be a commercial element down the line. He said the plan will be dependent on funding being made available. A cost for the project was not disclosed.