Plans for more bus parking spaces in Killarney agreed

Killarney Town Council is to convert part of one of the town’s car parks into a bus parking area ahead of this year’s tourist season. Bus coach Councillors have agreed to provide the additional parking spaces at the Lewis Road car park near the centre of the town. Council management proposed that 21 bus parking spaces be provided by converting almost half of the Lewis Road car park for use by buses. The plan would see the number of car parking spaces reduced from 212 to 121. It would also require changes to the entrance to the car park to facilitate buses turning. Town clerk, Michael O’Leary said that the Irish Coaches Association had written to the Council pointing out problems with bus parking in the town centre. He said the plan for the Lewis Road car park would allow buses to park there overnight and this would alleviate bus parking congestion on East Avenue Road. A number of councillors queried the logistics of the plans, wondering whether it would cause a further traffic backlog on Lewis Road. But there was agreement about the economic benefits of facilitating bus loads of tourists where possible. It was agreed to trial the plan for a year and to make the necessary arrangements to alter the car park over the coming months.