Plans to develop large solar farm in North Kerry

There are plans to develop a large solar farm in North Kerry.

Developer Dan Ahern of Portfinch Ltd. is applying to Kerry County Council for the development at Beal East, Ballybunion on a 31-acre site.

It’s proposed that this development of a solar photovoltaic (PV) array at Beal East, Ballybunion will consist of approximately 31 acres or 12.5 hectares of solar panels on ground-mounted steel frames.

The plans also include a single storey delivery substation, two single storey inverter / transformer units, two single storey battery storage containers, underground cable ducts, and a temporary construction compound.

The planning application by Dan Ahern of Portfinch Ltd is accompanied by an environmental report stage 1, screening for appropriate assessment, ecology report, archaeological impact assessment, and photomontages.

Kerry County Council should make a decision on the case by the 14th of March.