Planers get a six month reprieve from section 140 motions

Planners are to get a six-month reprieve from section 140 motions following a policy shift by Fianna Fail. Five motions on today’s agenda failed to get enough support. The Fianna Fail leader on the council says they will review their stance at the end of the year. The tone for today’s meeting was set by Cathaoirleach Ned O`Sullivan who promptly started at half past ten. Independent Cllr Danny Healy Rae arrived shortly afterwards to find his first motion had already fallen.From then on, a core of fianna fail Cllrs abstained and each motion failed. Interestingly, some voted for some of the motions. The Fianna Fail Whip, Cllr Paul O`Donoghue is promising a six-month moratorium. He wants to see how the new County Manager gets on , how planners handle the guidelines on one-offs and the implementation of the new development plan. If the party is happy, Cllr O`Donoghue says section 140s will become the exception. If not, we can expect a lively new year.