Pilot scheme in West Kerry finds majority of drivers are exceeding the speed limit

A data-led pilot scheme in West Kerry has found the majority of drivers are exceeding the speed limit.

The pilot commenced last summer in Annascaul, when Kerry County Council gave recorded information from a flashing speed sign to An Garda Siochana, in an effort to highlight excessive speeding in the county.

The Joint Policing Committee’s Annual Report for last year listed a number of achievements, which include publishing a crime map of Kerry, establishing a local policing forum and the harvesting of data in relation to possible speeding in the county.

A flashing sign on the N86, east of Annascaul, recorded vehicle speeds on approach to the village.

The flashing sign, which is located just outside the 50 km/h zone, recorded the speeds of over 26,500 vehicles.

The average speed was 67 km/h and 85% of vehicles were driving slower than 82 km/h.

One vehicle was recorded approaching the 50 km/h speed limit travelling at 134 km/h.

The information is being used to highlight areas where excessive speed may be an issue.