Petition is signed asking County Manager to release funds for Tintean Theatre

One of the administrators of the Tintean Theatre says they could have the centre open within 20 days if the Council were to release 335,000 euro to them to help clear their debt. The theatre is in the red to the tune of up to 800,000 euro. They have received one and a half million euro in grant aid to date and have raised one million euro themselves. A petition has been signed by twenty people in the town, including a sitting director and a former director on the Board asking the County Manager to release 335,000 euro of their rates to the Tintean.Administrator Noel Keenan says while he has nothing to do with the petition it remains to be seen if it will have its desired effect. Meanwhile the uncertainty of the future of the Tinetean could see the withdrawal of the multi nations boxing competition. Unless the organisers have the use of the theatre they will have to pull the competition from Ballybunion. They have given a deadline of August first for the Chairman of the event in Kerry to notify them of the availability of the theatre. Director of the IABA Don Stewart says a decision hasn`t been made yet but time is running out.