Over €220,000 spent on dealing with abandoned horses in Kerry in three years

Horse 5 Over €220,000 has been spent by the Department of Agriculture over the past three years in dealing with stray and abandoned horses in Kerry. New figures show that almost €35,000 was spent last year alone in Kerry on implementing control of horses legislation. The Department of Agriculture reimburses local authorities for the costs associated with enforcing the Control of Horses Act in their areas. According to the figures from the Department, Kerry County Council had to deal with 23 stray or abandoned horses in 2013, at a cost of nearly €35,000. In 2012, the cost was nearly €90,000 and in 2011 it was just under €100,000. In total over the past three years, 72 stray or abandoned horses have been dealt with in the county. Kerry County Council contracts out work in relation to stray horses to a private company which has responsibility for seizing and impounding them. The full cost of the seizure is recovered from the owner if they reclaim their animal and all horses are micro-chipped before return to the owner. The local authority pointed out that the work being done by the Tralee Horse Project – which provides stables for horses in urban areas – is hugely beneficial in dealing with the problem.