Over 3,500,000 spent on troubled teenagers.

Over 3 and a half million euro is being spent on troubled teenagers in Kerry and Cork. The sum is going towards Southern Health Board high support and special care units. However Fine Gael has criticized the government saying that it`s probably too late for most of these troubled youngsters and what’s needed is early intervention. A survey conducted by the Irish Examiner found that the state is paying over 22 million euro each year to keep less that 100 children in high support and special care units.The units look after children that the high court has defined as being “in need of special care and protection”. The Southern Health Board spends 3.6 million euro on these units which is one of the highest amounts paid by any health board around the country. Meanwhile several health boards are also paying money to place a child in the care of private companies. This is despite the fact that of the 134 places available in health board units, 27 are confirmed as unoccupied. The Southern Health Board is paying almost 70 thousand euro per month to freshstart for the private care of 2 children.