Over 2,100 Kerry drivers receive penalty points.

Over 2,100 drivers in the county have received penalty points since their introduction just over a year ago. The majority of drivers in Kerry have received two penalty points. Meanwhile nationally over 90 thousand drivers have now gotten penalty points and hundreds face being put off the road. 2,200 drivers were issued with penalty points for speeding in Kerry according to new figures released by the department of transport. 78 penalty points were issued for the non-wearing of seatbelts. 69 of these were for the driver of the vehicle, 3 for front seat children and 6 for rear seated children. Only 1 driver in the county has received 8 points while one driver is also on 10 points. 97 drivers have four penalty points and a further 17 have 6 penalty points. Penalty points are soon to be extended to cover careless driving, dangerous overtaking and using hand-held mobile phones.