OPW approves funding for coastal erosion study in Tralee Bay

The OPW has approved funding for a coastal erosion study in Tralee Bay.

€150,000 has been allocated for the survey, which will take in a number of area – Ballyheigue, Banna, Carrahane, Maharees, and Brandon.

Kerry County Council says the OPW has agreed to fund their application to carry out Coastal Erosion and Flood Risk Management Studies in the Ballyheigue-Banna-Carrahane Coastal Cell.

The OPW has requested the council amalgamate this with the Maharees Brandon Bay Cell.

€150,000 has been allocated for the study to cover both areas of Tralee Bay.

The council also intends to seek to include Fenit Island erosion/access issues, as part of the study brief.

At the recent Tralee MD meeting, Cllr Toireasa Ferris asked if the sandbank dredged from Ardkeragh could be used to restore sand dunes at Ballyheigue and Banna.

The council says the management of Ardkeragh will also be included in the study, however the NPWS previously advised the dredged material isn’t suitable for rebuilding sand dunes without costly pre-treatment.