Opposing views prior to public consultation on pedestrianisation of parts of Killarney

There are opposing views ahead of a public consultation on the pedestrianisation of parts of Killarney.

Last year following a trial period, Plunkett Street was pedestrianised between 7pm and 7am, and Kerry County Council will shortly seek the views of the public in relation to further pedestrianisation.

Independent Councillor Donal Grady claims businesses are not happy with the pedestrianisation, and he opposes any plans for Plunkett Street and other streets in Killarney.

He says it doesn’t make sense to close Plunkett Street to traffic as he believes it causes congestion in other parts of the town.

The independent councillor says Kerry County Council must take the opinions of rate payers on board.

Independent Councillor Brendan Cronin has criticized the negativity over pedestrianisation, saying Killarney needs to embrace modern thinking in relation to vehicle and foot traffic.

He believes Plunkett Street is too narrow to allow traffic through full time, and the current pedestrianisation helps to create a better ambience in the town centre.

The independent councillor also claims a previous period of public consultation showed the majority of people in the town are in favour of the measure.

Councillor Cronin adds pedestrianisation can benefit businesses in Killarney.