Opinion poll shows coalition parties make gains

The first opinion poll of the year shows an increase in support for the government parties with the opposition suffering losses. The RED C survey for Paddy Power also shows Lucinda Creighton’s new party getting just 1 per cent support. Dail Chamber This poll was conducted over the past two days and off the back of further bad publicity for the coalition with the trolley crisis centre stage last week. But despite that the Government parties are again finding favour with the electorate with increases in support for both Fine Gael and Labour. Fine Gael on 24 per cent is up three points since the last comparable poll in December, while Labour on 8 per cent is up 2 points. The opposition don’t fare too well with Fianna Fáil dropping a point to 18 per cent – a level they’ve been on for six of the last seven Red C polls. And Sinn Féin lose their position as the most popular party, dropping three points to 21 per cent. Independents and others are on 29 per cent, down a point – that figure includes 1 per cent for Lucinda Creighton’s ‘rebootireland’, though it increased to 6 per cent if people said they knew more about it. And this poll also suggests that a marriage of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in coalition after the next election is beginning to find favour with the electorate.