Oireachtas committee expected to demand access to Judge’s Computer

The joint oireachtas committee investigating Judge Brian Curtin is expected to demand access to his computer and files tomorrow. Judge Curtin was acquitted of possessing child pornography last May. The committee, which is to hold a scheduled meeting tomorrow, was formed to investigate the matter and report back to the oireachtas before any decision is made on impeachmentLast month the joint oireachtas committee ruled that judge Brian Curtin was well enough to co-operate with the inquiry. The ruling came after the judge’s legal team had sought a 3 month adjournment of the committee’s hearings. It’s now thought unlikely that Judge Curtin’s lawyers will challenge the committee’s decision on his medical capacity to attend but no statement has been made on the matter. The committee are to meet tomorrow and could now decide to serve a notice on the Judge compelling him to appear before them. They are also expected to serve a notice asking the Judge to hand over the computer and files. Judge Curtin’s lawyers can challenge any such notices in the courts.