Observer at South Kerry Greenway hearing says he could have no choice but take issue to court

An observer at the South Kerry Greenway oral hearing says he could have no choice but take the issue to court.

It’s day two of An Bord Pleanála’s oral hearing on the proposed South Kerry Greenway, which has arisen following a failure between Kerry County Council and some landowners to come to an agreement over land acquisition.

An Bord Pleanala inspector Karla McBride began this morning’s proceedings by focusing on issues which arose yesterday, including a claimed lack of information on the project and the letters which observers received in response to their concerns.

She suggested, to speed up the process, to summarise the letters observers received.

Barrister Michael O’Donnell, who wouldn’t reveal the identities of his clients, was against this; he said there was already a lack of trust between the council and landowners and he was against the local authority having the chance to summarise the responses his clients received.

Environmental campaigner Peter Sweetman took issue with what he believes is a lack of information; he said some documents pertaining to the scheme were not provided.

Galway Cycling Campaign’s Shane Foran added to this, saying he spent considerable time searching for documents last night on the council’s website, however, he said it was a difficult task to find the relevant ones.

In response, barrister for Kerry County Council Esmond Keane said some documents were not relevant as parts of the scheme had changed.

Mr Sweetman said any work carried out on any part of the scheme is relevant and, if the documents are not provided, he’ll have no choice but to take the issue to court.

Inspector Karla McBride said she’s noted his concerns and will include them in her final report to the board.