Number of patients with missed or delayed diagnoses in UHK rises to ten

A review of scans at University Hospital Kerry now reveals ten patients received delayed diagnoses.

A full audit is taking place of 46,000 scans read by a former consultant radiologist from March 2016 to last July; it began following three cases of delayed diagnoses coming forward in late July.

Ten consultants are examining the files; 180 patients have now been recalled for repeat imaging, and ten have missed or delayed diagnoses.

In its weekly update on the review of radiology images at University Hospital Kerry, the South/South West Hospital Group says, as of today, 82.8 % of the review is complete.

The number of images reviewed is 38,289, from a total of 46,235.

The number of patients whose imaging has been reviewed is 22,933, accounting for over 86% of the total number.

The number of patients who have been recalled for repeat imaging to date is 180, and this week two patients require further investigation.

The South/South West Hospital group have also been notified of one additional missed or delayed diagnoses, bringing the total identified to date from nine to ten.