Number of Kerry drivers receiving penalty points on the increase

The number of drivers in Kerry receiving penalty points is on the increase. While figures show speeding remains the number one road traffic offence committed by drivers on Kerry roads. Figures obtained from the Department of Transport show over 7,000 road traffic offences have been committed by Kerry drivers, of this figure, speeding accounted for over 5,800 notices being issued.Second on the table of offences is failure to wear a seatbelt, with over 1,100 drivers caught.The number of people close to losing their licence is also on the increase. Seven drivers are on 10 penalty points which is an increase on figures from June of last year when two people were 10 points. Over 6,000 people in Kerry have received penalty points to date, with detection rates on all points from 2 to 10 increased significantly.In June 365 people were convicted for not wearing a seatbelt, this has jumped to 1,138. And speeding remains top of road traffic offences list in the county. These figures are good news for Gardai as detection rates are up but the National Safety Council says these high figures will lead to driving offices becoming more punishable under Irish law.