Notice of official all out strike served on Tralee Pharmacy.

Further industrial action is to be taken next week by some staff of Leahy`s Pharmacy, Listowel road, Tralee. Notice of an official all-out strike was served yesterday by Mandate members of the IPOS owned chemist. The move follows the suspension of a staff member, by IPOS. It marks an escalation of industrial action, initiated last week when Mandate members staged a one-day strike at Leahy`s, last Friday.Last November Leahy`s chemist was bought through the Independent Pharmacy Ownership Scheme, run by the Conglomerate Uniphar. Since then, a number of staff has expressed concerns over work practices. Three staff members joined the mandate union in a bid to have their grievances aired through official channels. Mandate members took official industrial action on last Friday. Since then, one mandate member has been suspended by management. While another Mandate member has walked out, alleged by a union official to be in a distressed state.Notice has now been served of an all-out strike by Mandate members, to begin next Wednesday, April 28th. Jim O`Connell, Mandate Representative for the Tralee area, told Radio Kerry that the strike is not about pay or conditions of employment, but about the serious worries of staff. I.P.O.S has agreed to meet Mandate members tomorrow at the Meadowlands hotel. So far, neither I.P.O.S, nor Leahy`s management has made comment on the matter.