North Kerry man, left €2,800 out of pocket, warns of ‘professional’ banking phone scam

A north Kerry man – left €2,800 out of pocket after becoming the target of an elaborate phone scam – has warned others to be vigilant if someone calls purporting to be from their bank.

The man received a phone-call on his iPhone which appeared to originate from Dublin – the caller claimed to be from Bank of Ireland informing him his account had been compromised.

The caller, with perfect English, said money had been taken from his account and lodged to a bank in Lebanon and that she would help him claim his money back.

Through a series of elaborate instructions – involving a Western Union money transfer from the local post office – the man was horrified to find himself €2,800 out of pocket.

He is now warning others to be highly vigilant – he says the phone scammers extremely professional:

Bank of Ireland says this type of fraud is known as ‘vishing’.

Its general advice for customers is that all inbound phone calls that request sensitive information (banking data, transaction data, etc.) or request you make a payment should be treated with caution.

It says Bank of Ireland will never to transfer money to a new account so ignore such calls.