North Kerry farmer fined for failing to protect watercourses from soiled water

Tralee Court - Radio Kerry News - EH
A North Kerry farmer has been fined for failing to protect watercourses from soiled water.
53-year-old Liam Lane of Carrigeen, Brosna, appeared in Tralee District Court, where he pleaded guilty to failing to control soiled water on his farm on the 25th March, 2019.
The court heard a lagoon on Liam Lane’s farm was being used to store soiled water.
Kerry Council County’s Mark O’Sullivan told the court Mr Lane was notified of the issue in 2012, 2014 and 2016 by the Department of Agriculture and the Marine; he was subsequently penalised through reductions in his Single Farm Payment due to his failure to address this.
In March 2018, the local authority first visited the property and told Mr Lane he’ll have to rectify the situation.
Further visits in March and November of 2019, plus one on 11th February last, showed there were no efforts to address the concerns on the 50-acre, 32-cattle holding.
Judge David Waters, when looking at photographs produced by the council, was told the lagoon is located close to the River Feale.
The court heard Mr Lane was advised to construct a tank, however, he refused to do so as he believed it wasn’t economically viable.
Judge David Waters, while giving credit for the plea and no previous convictions, said the photos showed appalling behaviour and the accused didn’t “do one iota” to remedy the issue.
He imposed a fine of €1,500 plus costs of €200, made payable to Kerry County Council, and warned Mr Lane that if the issued goes unresolved, he’ll face stiffer penalties next time.