North Kerry community to carry out citizen patrols to combat anti-social behaviour on Halloween

A North Kerry community is to carry out citizen patrols this Thursday night to ensure no anti-social behaviour occurs on Halloween.

A public meeting took place in Ballylongford last night to establish a plan to tackle such behaviour.

It follows on from incidents in the area last year which saw lit fireworks being thrown from cars, forcing children to run for cover.

Fine Gael councillor Michael Foley says people feel in danger and intimidated following this behaviour.

He says it’s unacceptable for parents to drop their children off unsupervised, adding Ballylongford won’t tolerate this behaviour again:


Meanwhile, Director of Fire Services with Kerry County Council John Breen is urging people to be safe and not to engage in anti-social behaviour this Halloween.

He says the fire service and other emergency services are there to protect people and their property, and should be respected at all times.

He is appealing to people to be careful, particularly with bonfires and fireworks: