Non Irish residents face difficulty in voting.

Non Irish residents in Kerry may have difficulty in voting in the European and local elections because of the form of identification issued to them upon entry into the country. Refugee agencies are concerned they may be turned away at polling stations as their gardai bureau immigration photo card is not a designated accepted form of identification.Asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers resident in the county since last September are entitled to vote in this years elections. Kerry has over 1,000 Non Nationals registered in the county. The majority of these registered are in the south of the county. In Killarney there is enough migrant workers to make up a quota in the town council elections and there is heavy canvassing for their vote in the town.However with the lack of passport and drivers licenses in particular, available to asylum seekers, there is concern they may not be allowed to vote in the local or European elections. It`s understood the Department of Justice is in talks with the Department of Environment and local government over the issue.