No speeders in Firies and Ballyheigue on National Slow Down Day

Photo © Albert Bridge (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Firies and Ballyheigue are two of 14 Garda speed check locations nationwide where no one has been caught over the limit today.

It’s National Slow Down Day, and gardaí are targeting excessive speed across the country; they’ve named a number of places where they’re checking speed including several in Kerry.

Since 7 o’clock this morning, Gardaí and GoSafe has checked the speed of over 53,000 (53,460) vehicles nationwide, with 106 detected travelling in excess of the speed limit, including one in Kerry.

Garda say they’ve had full compliance at 14 speed check locations across the country so far today, including the R551 at Dromgower, Ballyheigue and the R561 at Kilnanare, Firies.

Of the 106 vehicles detected speeding nationwide, one was travelling at 65km/h in a 50km/h Zone on the N72 at Shinnagh, Rathmore.

So far this year 123 people have died on Irish roads, including four in Kerry – two drivers and two cyclists.

The numbers that have lost their lives on roads in Kerry continue to fall, down from seven last year, eight in 2015, and 14 in 2014.

Head of the Garda Traffic Corps in Kerry, Inspector Tony Sugrue, says all road users need to be aware when using the road that they could be in danger.

Two drivers have died in the county so far, this year; none died last year; there was one driver death in 2015, and five in 2014.

Inspector Sugrue says there’s a perception that fatal accidents apply only to drivers, but all road users have to be careful.

Two cyclists have died this year, one died last year, along with four pedestrians and two motorcyclists.

In 2015, one car passenger, three motorcyclists, two cyclists, and one pedestrian lost their lives on Kerry’s roads.

In 2014, five passengers, three pedestrians and one cyclist died in crashes in the county.

The head of Kerry’s traffic corps says, however, that the trends are positive; there’s been a drop in the number of serious-injury accidents in Kerry, down from 23 last year to 10 so far this year, and there’s been a fall in non-serious-injury crashes from 135 this period last year to 126 this year.