No Kerry County Council tenant evicted since 2013

Kerry County Council hasn’t evicted any housing tenant for anti-social behaviour for six years.

The local authority has over 4,200 properties.

Kerry County Council says, as a landlord, there are certain statutory powers it can rely on to deal with anti-social behaviour.

The council says there have been no evictions from its properties through the courts in the past six years.

The last eviction secured for anti-social behaviour was in 2013.

However, the council has obtained two exclusion orders in the courts for occupants engaged in anti-social behaviour in the past two years; this prevents a person entering a particular area.

The council’s tenancy management team investigate all complaints received about anti-social behaviour with the majority of issues being resolved through engagement with tenants.

107 written or verbal warnings have been issued to tenants in the past two years.

The local authority says the vast majority of its tenants behave in a very appropriate manner and respect their tenancies, properties and estates.