No formal agreement for social houses in Listowel estate

Kerry County Council says no formal agreement has yet been reached in relation to 38 potential social houses in a Listowel estate.

Cllr Mike Kennelly raised the issue of Cahirdown Wood Estate at the Listowel Municipal District meeting where he asked for a briefing on the matter.

There are currently 347 applicants on the social housing waiting list in Listowel; this plan would potentially see 38 out of the 80 houses in Cahirdown Wood Estate become social housing.

Cllr Mike Kennelly said there is a social housing issue and acknowledged the merits of the proposal but he urged caution.

He said councillors were being nailed to the cross on the issue but didn’t know what was going on and asked if a 50/50 housing mix as is being proposed was the national policy.

It’s understood a meeting was held by residents in recent weeks to discuss the issue.

Tim Brosnan from the Housing Department of Kerry County Council said they have a strong tenancy team on the ground and said there is a different mixture of people on the social housing list.

Mr Brosnan said the council has provisional approval for funding, they are continuing negotiations with the developer of the estate and no formal agreement has yet been made.

He said the council is willing to meet with delegations of residents who want to discuss the plan.

He also told Cllr Aoife Thornton that a percentage of the houses will be allocated to those with disabilities and the elderly.