New York Rose is bookies favourite

The New York Rose is the bookies favourite to succeed Orla Tobin next Tuesday. Paddy Power has installed Elizabeth Mc Kee at four to one ahead of the arrival of the Roses in Tralee this afternoon. Betting on Rose Contestants tends to centre on family and friends and may not be very reliable. The escorts, of course, have the inside track and the bookies will always take note of any wagers they make.The New York Rose shot to prominence earlier this year when it emerged she had taken part in a Reality TV programme called Temptation Island. The Texas Rose, Caitlin Lowry, is second favourite at five to one, followed by The Dublin Rose Joanna Cullen at six to one. Local hopes will rest with Olivia Dineen, who’s an outsider at the moment , her odds are 16 to one. Anybody who wants a novelty bet might be interested in odds of twenty to one for a streaker to appear during the TV show.