New pre planning initiative to go ahead in Dingle

The County Council’s new pre-planning initiative gets the go ahead in the Dingle electoral area this month. The on-site service will be available to those who wish to build in rural areas and will be introduced on a phased basis to the remaining four electoral areas. It’s hoped it will go some way towards addressing the problems facing the planning system in Kerry The new pre planning service will initially be introduced in the dingle electoral area and will then extend throughout the county over the next 4 months. It’s the first such service to be provided by any local authority in Ireland. Kerry County Council says its part of its policy to provide a client focused service to customers and it’s primarily aimed at those who want to build on family owned land.The planning service of the Council is now strongly encouraging future applicants to avail of the service before incurring expenses on the preparation of detailed house plans. County Manager Martin Riordan says he hopes it will help identify critical issues that need to be addressed in order to secure a positive planning outcome for the applicants.