New casual trading bye-laws in South Kerry town being ignored

Kenmare - Google Maps

A number of casual traders are continuing to ignore new casual trading bye-laws in Kenmare.

The new laws to regulate casual trading in town came into force yesterday, bringing to an end a 20 year controversy.

Under the new rules, casual traders have to apply for a licence and fulfil a number of tax and health and safety standards and must set up in designated trading bays along Kenmare’s fair green.

As part of the arrangement, rate-paying businesses in the town which had been placing tables and chairs in public parking spaces outside their premises, removed this furniture at the request of Kerry County Council.

The council had sent letters warning that any tables, chairs or vehicles that occupy the public road are in violation of the Road Traffic Act and that the council in conjunction with An Garda Síochána would remove them without notice.

Some casual traders are still parked in the town square, in contravention of the Road Traffic Act and council bye-laws, and it’s understood, as of yet, that neither the council nor the gardaí have taken action.

The council says it will follow through with appropriate enforcement action to ensure the implementation of the new bye-laws and will deal with any other breaches of legislation relating to public roads and public spaces in Kenmare.