Net loss of 116 jobs reported in the South West.

Enterprise Ireland supported companies reported a net loss of 116 jobs in the South West in 2003. The annual report for the state body shows that while 1,600 jobs were created over 1,700 were lost. Of the six regions, the midlands were the only one to make a net gain. The Enterprise Ireland report for 2003 claims institutes of technology are key engines of growth for the regions. The report says they are vital to provide the infrastructure for start up companies and advance their commercial research activities.In the last three years Enterprise Ireland has invested 2.1 million euro in it Tralee. Community enterprise centres like the unit in Killarney are also singled out as a role model in encouraging entrepreneurship at grass roots level. The report says the centre in Killarney provides high tech accommodation for technology based projects. Overall Enterprise Ireland client companies provide 23,104 jobs in the South West.