Nearly 300 properties in Kerry availed of Home Renovation Incentive funding in 2017

Nearly 300 properties in Kerry availed of the Home Renovation Incentive scheme last year.

The scheme, which was introduced in October 2013, allows homeowners who carry out qualifying renovation works to apply for and claim an Income Tax credit.

299 properties, consisting of 362 individual works, availed of funding in the county in 2017.

This represents a decrease in works from previous years: 614 in 2016 and 579 in 2015.

Revenue estimates the total value of works last year at €6.25 million, down from nearly €9 million in 2016.

Home extensions, general repairs and renovations, window replacements and kitchen renovations were the most common works undertaken.

Since the scheme’s inception, 1,624 properties in Kerry have availed of funding.