National Parks Wildlife Service stops works on private land in West Kerry

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has intervened to stop works being done on private land near Castlegregory beach.

The move came following concerns about the removal of sand from an ecologically sensitive area.

The works on land near Castlegregory beach began in the last week in October and continued for over a week.

It involved heavy machinery and the movement of large quantities of sand from one area of the land to another.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service have confirmed to Radio Kerry that they ordered the works to be stopped on Friday 3rd of November.

It said the work involved the removal of sand from Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Special Area of Conservation.

Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas are designations under EU Habitats Directives.

The designation for the SAC states that within the West Kerry site there are several types of coastal habitat, the dominant and most ecologically important of which are estuarine habitats, mudflats and sandflats, Atlantic and Mediterranean salt meadows and sand dune-complexes including ‘white-dunes’, grey-dunes and a lagoon.

The NPWS told Radio Kerry that matter continues to be investigated by them in conjunction with other relevant State agencies.