NAMA comes out fighting against claims of impropriety

NAMA’s come out fighting – denying the agency’s behind any impropriety. The two most senior men at the National Asset Management Agency claim there’s a campaign to discredit it underway. Nama NAMA bosses are appearing before the Public Accounts committee over allegations of impropriety. These are that the agency leaked sensistive information about a developer and that sensistive confidential information was leaked to vulture funds and that NAMA had purposely undervalued loans to make more money on them for political and PR reasons. Appearing before the PAC this morning, Chief Executive Brendan McDonagh rejected all of the allegations and insisted what was happening was a campaign to discredit NAMA: [audio_player src=””] And Chairman Frank Daly says whatever orchestrated campaign was going on, wouldn’t work: [audio_player src=””] The agency denies it could have leaked information about developer Paddy McKillen, saying it never had the information so it couldn’t leak it. Questioning of the executives continues.