Motorists in Kerry pay over €1 million in speeding fines over past four years

Motorists in Kerry have paid over €1 million in speeding fines over the past four years.

An Garda Síochána have revealed the total revenue generated for all penalty-point offences committed by motorists in Kerry over the past four years; speeding offences account for more than half of the total revenue.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request, An Garda Síochána revealed that 12,821 speeding offences were detected in the county over the past four years.

In 2015, €262,320 was generated following over 3,100 offences.

This increased by over €90,000 in 2016 to €356,000.

Revenue generated from speeding fines in Kerry in 2017 was €223,920, while last year, motorists paid a total of €244,320 in speeding fines.

In total, motorists in Kerry paid €1,086,000 in speeding fines during the period 2015-2018.