Minister denies restrictions to home help hours

Three mental health services in Kerry are being officially opened today by the Minister of State with responsibility for mental health and older people.

Speaking in Kenmare, Junior Minister Jim Daly says there’ll be no cuts to 18 million home help hours pledged in this year’s budget.

His answer is in response to reports today of restrictions to home help hours.

Minister Daly is in Kerry to open three centres run by Cork Kerry Community Healthcare and used by Kerry Mental Health Services.

He’s opening the Fiachne Day Centre, Kenmare this lunchtime followed by Leawood House, Killarney and Tomies Day Hospital  this afternoon.

Speaking at the opening of the centre located in Kenmare Community Nursing Unit, the minister said the model of co-locating mental health services within a facility for older people was one, he says, which should be a template across the country

The minster also rejected criticisms of moves to restrict home help hours for older people until this November.
He said there’ll be no cuts to the 18 million hours of home help  committed  to in this year’s budget and gave a personal guarantee that this would not be affected.