Military Service Pension Applications reveal activities of 154 Kerry men and women during Civil War and War of Independence

Sketch map of a detail at the corner of Castleisland Main Street and Chapel/Church Street (Cork Road) (Co.Kerry). It is noted that the red crosses denote where the ambush and the shooting of Whippen (Black and Tan) took place and the blue crosses indicate where the ambush and the shooting of Head Constable Storey and Sergeant Butler which took place on 8 May 1920. Map signed by Timothy O'Connor, O/C 1st Battalion, Kerry II Brigade. (in IE/MA/MSPC/A/6 a & b) via

Fascinating details and first-hand accounts of 154 Kerry men and women who served in the War of Independence and Civil War have been revealed for the first time.

The information has been released as part of the Irish Defence Forces military archive project,

The latest tranche of information released contains details of military pensions received by men – and women in Cumann na mBan – who, in order to qualify, had to document their activities during the period.

The historical treasure trove details experiences, many graphic in nature, including accounts of killings.

One such account, in a sworn statement made by Michael O’Connell, reveals details of the Castleisland Ambush in which Head Constable William Storey was executed as he was leaving Mass: