Miele All-Ireland Fourball Glory for Ballybunion

For the second consecutive year, a Munster club has been crowned Miele All-Ireland Fourball Champions. The Ballybunion and Rockmount teams descended on the golf course before 10am and brought with them crowds of supporters and spectators. Rockmount had the honour on the first tee as ILGU President Valerie Hassett welcomed both teams and wished them well in their respective matches. The top match was a game of nip and tuck but Ballybunion took a two hole advantage through 12 and never let go as they secured a 3&1 victory. The pairings in the second game were evenly matched throughout but the Ballybunion pairing took a one hole lead approaching the 18th. Matches three and four took a different path as Ballybunion dominated the third and Rockmount the fourth as a point was secured for each side on the 14th. With a 3&1 victory in the top match and a 5&4 win in the third, the Munster side had secured enough points over Region 2’s Rockmount to seal victory and take home the Miele All-Ireland Fourball Title.