MEP Brian Crowley defies party ruling.

Fianna Fail MEP Brian Crowley is to defy a party ruling by canvassing in Tralee next week-end. The National Executive has voted to divide up the Euro South Constituency between himself and Gerry Collins, but Mr Crowley is unhappy with the arrangement. Brian Crowley`s defiance of party strategy is the latest headache for Fianna Fail’s Director of Elections John O`Donoghue.The Minister saw his efforts to put Frank Fahey on the ticket in the North West fail and now Brian Crowley is challenging the carve up in his back yard. A letter sent by Mr Crowley to Fianna Fail members in Kerry says he’ll be doing a canvass in Tralee next Saturday and he’s inviting them to join him. The move will also annoy his running mate Gerry Collins who is supposed to have Kerry to himself.Fianna Fail decided to divide the constituency in a bid to retain their two seats, but Brian Crowley insists he should be allowed canvass wherever he wants. It’s now up to Minister O`Donoghue to ensure the National Executive’s decision is implemented.