Medical negligence expert calls for legislation to reduce the cost and time of cases

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Photo: Pixabay

A medical negligence expert says the government needs to enact legislation to reduce the legal cost of cases and the length of time they take.

Joice Carthy is a Managing Partner and Secretary of the Medical Negligence Group, and Partner with Augustus Cullen Law.

She was speaking following the finalisation of the case of a Killorglin boy who suffered brain-damage at birth; 10-year-old Tadgh Costello of Gurrane East, Sunhill received a €15 million lump sum in the High Court on Monday.

Joice Carthy is calling for Irish law to contain a duty of candor, which is an obligation on public authorities to disclose material facts.

She says when this was introduced in the US state of Michigan, there was a 90% reduction in the cost of claims, a 50% reduction in the number of claims, and it also resulted in a much shorter legal process.

Ms Carthy also says PPO, or period of payment legislation, needs to be introduced in Ireland to provide for regular periodic payments as opposed to single lump sums: