Massive renovations planned for Tesco in Killarney

Tesco in Killarney is planning a masssive extension and renovation to its premises in Deerpark. Both storage and retail areas will be part of the 17 hundred square metre extension. The supermarket chain plans to make changes to the elevation and outward appearance of the premises. Internally both retail and storage areas will make up the 17 hundred square metre extension. There will also be some slight changes to the carpark. The Killarney premises has recently opened its doors on a 24 hour basis.Earlier this week it was claimed that Tesco`s cheap petrol prices have caused 8 stations to close in the town. Petrol stations up to 20 miles away claim their business has been affected. Simi Chief Executive Cyril McHugh claims the shop is using petrol as a loss leader to get people into their shops. The Killarney extension is subject to planning permission