Mary Hannifin criticises policy of removing non national children from schools

Minister for Justice Michael McDowell will meet with the Minister for Education Mary Hannifin this week to discuss concerns over the deportation of immigrant schoolchildren. The issue came to light here in Kerry last month when a 3 year old was taken from a classroom in Killarney and a 7 year old from a school in Tralee. In March a number of people were deported from Ireland and flown home to Nigeria on a specially chartered plane , among them several from Kerry. School officials reported that a 3 year old was removed from Muckross Community School in Killarney while a 7 year old Nigerian boy Ufomo was taken from his class at the Presentation School in Tralee. Minister for Education Mary Hannifin has criticised this policy of removing non-national children from schools for later deportation. She said she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to go in and start lifting children out of school classrooms and there is a need for sensitivity. She’s to meet The Minister for Justice this week to discuss the issue. A spokesperson for Michael McDowell said he’s always happy to meet fellow Ministers at any time