March deadline for objections to proposed Lidl store in Listowel.

Members of the public who want to object to the proposed Lidl store in Listowel have until the end of March to register their observations with the Town Council. A material contravention notice has been placed in the National Press and a four week period to allow observations from members of the public must now elapse. Lidl is seeking permission to build a discount food store on the John B Keane road.This proposal has already caused controversy at the Town Council after members of FG last month boycotted a meeting with Lidl executives. The Mayor claimed they did not want to be seen to give unfair advantage to any one group. However the Party was criticised for politicising the planning process.It was suggested at the time some members were trying to defer voting on the issue until after the local elections in June.Councilors had the opportunity to rezone land for a discount retail chain during the preparation of the development plan. However, it was decided at the time to assess any such application on its merits under the material contravention process. In order for this proposal to be passed Lidl will need the support of three quarters of the members of the Council.