Manager of Killarney Municipal District denies there’s €12 million euro lying idle in an account

The manager of the Killarney Municipal District has denied there’s €12 million euro lying idle in an account.
At yesterday’s monthly meeting of the Killarney Municipal District, Councillor Donal Grady claimed Kerry County Council had €12 million euro in an account which was not being used to tackle issues in the town.
The meeting heard that tourism is the economic lifeblood of not just Killarney but the entire South-West region.
However, issues in relation to traffic congestion were highlighted as inhibitors to growth in the sector.
Independent Councillor Donal Grady claimed there’s €12 million in an account, which could be used to address car parking and traffic congestion in Killarney.
The issue of potential unused funds caused consternation among the members of the district.
MD manager Angela McAllen denied the claim, saying “there is absolutely not €12 million” available to the district.
In response to requests for clarity, she said when town councils were abolished, they brought some funds to the realigned districts–however, she adds liabilities were also part of the deal.
She said some liabilities were accounted for and some were not.
The MD manager said funds were used to take care of liabilities and, in some cases, all surpluses were wiped out, and she added all pennies are accounted for in the district.
Ms McAllen also said rumours of €15 million were likely related to the last full budget of Killarney Town Council, which was €13.58 million.